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Meeting Minutes

Here are the meeting minutes from the Sorba Fall Meeting on 11/10/18

Saturday, November 10, 2018

SORBA Fall Meeting

Meeting called to order at 9:30

-Keven Phelps - Florida rep for SORBA made


•Pat Patterson - Volusia county representative gave a

big thank you. November 9-10 is now declared

SORBA mountain biking day.

•Brian Hand - acting president of SORBA. Last

minutes approved

• Tom Sauret - Executive Director of SORBA.

- gave brief synopsis of budget. About $160K to run SORBA each year. Not

expecting significant change for next year.

- membership is down slightly.

- working to make some changes to the by-laws. This is yet to TBD.

- main office will be closed due to retirement of Cathy Wood. Sharon Mize will be

the incoming operations manager. Will be using Teri Palmeri’s address as

headquarters for now.

• Welcome new clubs to SORBA:

- Clinch Valley Trail Alliance in Tennessee

- Myrtle Beach SORBA in South Carolina

- We now have 45 chapters throughout the southeast.

• SORBA looks to continue help with trail stewardship and big projects

• SORBA is in process of looking for new supporters. We still have Maxxis, Defeet

and some others. Always looking for new supporters.

• Continue to help with planning and design of trails.

- Would really like to see more FTP grants become available. More to come on


- New Elections held.



Saturday, November 10, 2018

• Keven Phelps will continue to represent Florida.

• Please see the SORBA website for our new executive leaders.

- Reviewed the new SORBA website. Hopefully becoming easier to use.

• new CIVI site is helpful in keeping track of new and old members.

• Bike patrol is now going to be a SORBA specific item. There will be a new class at

the upcoming Spring summit in Tennessee. This will be in May.

- More discussion of liability insurance.

• $3M aggregate, this will probably increase. This is for ALL clubs as one entity.

• Stressed the importance of MOU’s.

• Clubs must know about workers on the trail at all times.

• Keep documents of names and hours worked.

• Chain saws - not much coverage for this. Make sure users on the properties are

certified and have protective gear. At all times.

- New Business:

• New agreement with IMBA and SORBA coming in May.

• Looking to incorporate NICA into SORBA membership.

- Meeting adjourned

- Spring meeting in Johnson City, TN. May 17-19. See you there.

- No SORBA Orlando meeting held due to no quorum of board.

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