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Changing of the Guard

As SORBA Orlando continues to evolve its role in the cycling culture of the greater Orlando area, the role of individuals within must evolve as well.

Several years ago, Mitchell Greenberg had the vision of developing a trail system within the primary boundary of Wekiwa Springs State Park. He was directed to a satellite parcel of land that we lovingly know as Markham Woods. Many miles of trails were coaxed into existence through the efforts of volunteers, and Mitch’s direction. His zeal for tight, twisty singletrack is all but immortalized in the popular Mitch’d Up trail.

Recently, Mitch has pivoted into a role SORBA Orlando has an increasing need for - focus on representing and supporting the interests of the cycling community, through SORBA Orlando, at state and local levels. Please join SORBA Orlando in thanking Mitch for his vision and service at Markham Woods as he engages in his new role.

At the request of SORBA Orlando, and in agreement with the land manager, Jason Lampitt has assumed the role of Trail Boss for Markham Woods. In this role, his primary objective is to organize a sustainable volunteer program, responsible for the care and maintenance of the trail system. Additionally, Jason will also facilitate long-term planning, execution of major projects, and continue to cultivate SORBA Orlando’s relationship with the land manager. These four elements are essential in solidifying Markham Woods as a regional destination, and economic draw for the surrounding community.

These changes are a positive indicator that SORBA Orlando is looking forward and preparing for growth. Look for more details on all of these topics in the weeks ahead!

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adam patrick
adam patrick
Dec 17, 2019

How do I contact Jason Lampitt? I am interested in the status of Pine Needle Punch and if their is a plan to clear it. I live close and ride from my house to Markham Woods trails a few times a month during the week and love it out there. I would be willing to help a little but do not have a ton of free time.

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