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Community Service

Oviedo FL Troop 39 Volunteers

"On behalf of the SORBA Orlando chapter of IMBA I’d like to thank you for your (3) total hours of volunteer service hours on 10/20/2018.

The Florida State Forestry Service depends on SORBA Orlando and its volunteers to provide regular maintenance of vegetation growth on the mountain bike trails. The summer of 2018 has been devastating. Much of the trail network was damaged and unreachable for several weeks as the Little Big Econ River crested more than 12 feet above its normal level.

Your efforts of clearing and trimming overgrowth on River Trail helps SORBA Orlando keep the trail network safe and more enjoyable for the community. Thank you for volunteering your time to SORBA Orlando. It’s always great to see the Boy Scouts of America providing community support!" -- SORBA Orlando

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