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Meeting Minutes 1/12/19

Board meeting 1/21/19, REI Winter Park

Meeting called to order 7:09

Soldiers Creek: James Kennedy. Possibly another night ride in the works. Trail in good condition per Mark McDuffie. Trail will be closed Feb 4 due to creek work by the St. John Water Management District. Hopefully this will help remedy some flooding issues. 17-92 renovations seem to be working with flood prevention.

Markham Woods: Dean Dickson - taking a lead role to help manage the trails. No work days with the trail section adopters is working well, trails in good condition. Working on getting some grass pavers soon to place in sections that need support. Wednesdays at markham is getting big. Over 30 people not uncommon. Events - placed on hold for now until we can get further details worked out. Rookie rides would likely to be held again. Discussion about approaching the Channel 35 crew about coming to our park, hopefully someone will take lead on this.

Snow Hill: REI project - submitted SJWMD. Awaiting approval. REI Deadline is extended which is a big relief to get project done. Road ditch, which currently goes through a creek, on ditch of doom my be bridged soon. Forestry has trouble getting vehicles through this location. Heng is now safety patrol certified. 6 hour course with combined CPR and bike safety coverage. Looking into SORBA donating the money to do this.

Motion made by Greg Lundin to pay for 1 representative from each trail system to be bike patrol certified. Motion passed. SORBA Orlando will pay to have one member of the club from each trail system we manage to become Bike Patrol certified. Anyone interested, please let us know.

Trail work days at Snow Hill doing well. Race out there went well. $250 donation from GoneRiding. Want to start some beginner rides again out there. Forestry is getting materials to cover roots. Shed is approved.

Shane Kelly MTB park: Still in progress, approved by City of Oviedo Looking to get a grant to build this. Possible monies from the Walton foundation. For those of you not familiar with this, this is a piece of property in Oviedo that has been earmarked for development of off road trails and a bike park. More to come with this from Robert Fishbough.

Minneola: Trail opened Dec. 1st. 0.7 mi. Needs to be ridden. Hope to have a group ride there. May do a group ride video shoot out there soon.

OMBP: Janice Rahill is retiring. She has been instrumental in helping us and Josh develop this park and getting things done there. David Wagg will be filling this position. Josh is turning in a list for materials to the City of Orlando to build more out there. 1648 hours turned in volunteer time. Several donors involved at park North side of park approved for opening trails. 0.7 trail cut into new area. City printing a kiosk map for the trails. Josh with be gone for a few weeks for mechanic training. Ronald Benjamin

approached Josh, who owns a church in the central Florida area. Wants to build a MTN bike park at his church.

Motion made by Josh to give Janice Rahill a gift and this passed. Will plan on a gift certificate.

Volunteer match .com. - might be option to check out. Motion made and passed to have Greg Lundin work on this.

Budget: Mark McDuffie - 100.00 donation from fidelity charitable donor advisor fund. From Rush family. Should make a recognition for them. 12,762 dollars in bank, $6000 of this is REI grant. Budget draft in the works. Florida Freewheelers gave $1000. 64 new members added this year. Total members unknown at this time but we are certainly over 100 members.

Elections: Election Committee board: Sue, Robert, Harry and Garth. Elections to be held in next 30 days.

Motion to hold meetings once a month, motion passed. This was done due to numerous things going on within the club and the state.

Web site is looking good. Trail videos are looking good. Soldiers creek is next. Pop up tent should be ordered soon. Still working on this.

2/25 next meeting with elections.

Meeting adjourned 9:06


** Addendum 2/2/19 **

REI was unable to accommodate the meeting on 2/25 so the date has been change to Tuesday 2/26 @ 7PM

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