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SORBA Beginner Bike and Group Ride

<<<<< BACK BY (popular???) DEMAND! >>>>>

New to mountain biking? Afraid of getting lost in the woods? Never fear! Come out and join us for a guided MTB ride through the trails of your Little Big Econ State Forest!

This is an all skill-levels ride. From first time MTB riders to long-time riders new to Snowhill, this ride is a 'no drop' ride. No one gets left behind. Usual distance is 10-12 miles, but there will be cutouts for folks who want to ride fewer miles. We usually do two groups, a faster group of seasoned riders, and a slower group for those that are new to mountain biking, or who just like a slower pace.

Date: June 22, 2024

Time: 8:30am

REQUIREMENTS to participate: 1. Everyone must wear a helmet! This is NOT OPTIONAL 2. Mountain bikes (of any kind, make, price) are pretty much necessary (ie. if your bike has chrome fenders, a basket, and skinny whitewall tires, you probably won't have too much fun at Snowhill!) 3. HYDRATE - It's SUMMER IN FLORIDA.. Start drinking water a couple hours beforehand, or even the night before, and BRING WATER with you. 4. Recommended, but not required - bike gloves, bug spray, eye protection, energy bars/gels. 5. Bring your smile and best attitude, or we'll feed you to the gators! 😉

The ride meeting place is the Jones East trailhead, on Snowhill Road, Chuluota, FL. This is just south of the Econ river bridge, NOT the trailhead across from the school. If the sign says "Flagler Trail".. not the right place, keep going!

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