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OMBP - “Trail Build Party” (Not A Workday)

Weekend full of FUN, FUN, FUN.

Saturday August 24th starting at 9am before it’s hot out!🥵

Sunday August 25th starting at 9am before it’s 🥵.

Wanna learn more about Mountain Biking? Learn new skills of digging, trail grooming, work with power tools, shovels and loads of wheel barrels? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

If you don’t know how we can help, that is if you help us by Volunteering at a city park that is ONLY MAINTAINED BY VOLUNTEERS 👍

We do not have use of bobcats and tractors on weekends so we need your muscle, hard workers not afraid to sweat and get dirty while trying to have some fun at the same time. Following direction is a must, bring your eyes and ears and an open mind to help better understand the goal and vision of TRAIL BOSS JOSH. There are some new features that are unfinished and have been worked on by 3 people total...😢. We have placed another timber order and hopefully some donations of quality hardware.

If you show up on time its very much appreciated. Allowing time to have things explained and to help you better understand what you can help with. Come for an hour or stay all day. Maybe come back for a second day. For every documented hour with getting personal info we can turn your time into $.

But how is that possible you ask?

Govt. gives us roughly $22 dollars per hour to spend towards future purchases and park event rentals for races and fun. Logging info with Trail Boss Josh will help make that happen.

If you are interested in learning about the park process, then show up and put you 2cents in where it counts...

#getinvolved or don’t

Don’t thank me, get involved! - Josh Jiannuzzi

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