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UCF Eagle Scout Project

Volunteer request...

Winter Park "Coyotes" Composite NICA racer and Life Scout Katherine Doyle is asking for a few volunteers from SORBA Orlando to help with her Eagle Scout Project.

Don't forget to RSVP 😀

Good morning,

I am planning on doing my workday on Sunday, December 11th at 9 am. I am currently recruiting from my mountain bike team, so I will probably be able to get close to sufficient volunteers, but I would love to have a few SORBA volunteers. I have attached some pictures of the bridge and below is a short description of the project:

To improve the usability and safety of the UCF Nature Trails, my project includes installing a bike repair station at the Lake Claire Recreation Area and rebuilding a bridge to the East Parcel Trails. The campus has only one other bike repair station at the Recreation and Wellness Center behind the stairwell, and the bridge to the East Parcel has fallen apart. The repair station will be wall mounted to a pavilion post in the Recreation Area. The bridge will require removing and replacing planks and stabilizing the bridge. I will need volunteers to RSVP at so I have an accurate count and can send volunteer waivers and information on where to meet.

Thank you for your continued assistance with this project.

Regards, Katherine Doyle Life Scout Troop 4062

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